The Lisa Pro system is an incredible bang for buck offering in the world of SLS 3D printers. Sinterit also offers all the post processing parts necessary to make your parts into finished products. Today Rob shows you how we use the powder handling station and sand blasting station to create our very own pyramid markers for our 3D scanners.

Sinterit Lisa Pro is a printer with 3D printing technology, which is designed for creating functional prototypes and small batches of finished products.




The printer is based on the technology of sequential sintering of powder material layers using high power lasers. SLS-technology is used which makes it possible to obtain a model with high modulus of elasticity in tension. During printing, no support structures are required, which makes the transitions of the layers invisible. In this model, the printing chamber is enlarged, the maximum size of parts can reach up to 32 cm.


Materials used


Sinterit Lisa Pro can work with elastic Flexa Black and thermoplastic polyurethane TPU to produce plastic parts. The printer supports all of the company's manufactured SLS powders.




  • 3D printer;
  • Plate;
  • Forms for cooling models;
  • Scoop for powder;
  • Plastic measuring cup;
  • Sieve;
  • Cup;
  • Manual;
  • Spatula;
  • Flash drive with software;
  • Launch key;
  • Stylus;
  • Brush;
  • Two large brushes;
  • Three small brushes;
  • Printer parts cleaning tool;
  • Laser safety glass;
  • Safety glasses;
  • Protective gloves;
  • Silicone grease;
  • Ethyl alcohol;
  • Power cord;
  • Set of plastic spatulas;
  • Spare rope;
  • Dust mask.


The Sinterit Lisa Pro uses Sinterit Studio 2018 software. The color display will not cause any difficulty in operation.


Examples of products





Sinterit NILS 480 3D printer

3D printer Sinterit NILS 480 is a new inexpensive device for industrial use, placed on the floor from one of the leaders in the production of 3D printers in the Polish market. The printer is designed for serial production of shoes or soles for them, a variety of casings, car prototypes, prosthetics, as well as many other functional products and spare parts. The manufacturer offers increased printing speed and a high degree of process automation, including powder distribution and continuous printing.

Features of Sinterit NILS 480 3D printer


  • Characterized by a large size chamber and the ability to work with a large number of polyamide materials from different manufacturers, including antistatic versions. Thermoplastic polyurethane (Flexa Bright, Flexa Soft and Flexa Grey), thermoplastic elastomer and polypropylene are acceptable. Maximum efficiency is achieved by using proprietary Sinterit materials;
  • Low time required for installation and setup, quick chamber cleaning and filling, maximum automation of processes. The printer has a higher printing speed compared with its predecessors;
  • A large number of print parameter settings (over 50) allows you to accurately adjust the desired characteristics of the final product.

As a result of consolidation of the considerable experience of the company and new technologies, it was possible to create a 3D printer in a modern design, with good characteristics and at an affordable price. The presence of a large number of convenient functions, good performance, high cost-effectiveness and high usability of the device can make it the best choice for specific business tasks.


Sample products